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Top tips to help make your move go smoothly.

Please take the time to read through the list of top tips & important information we have compiled.

Who to tell

Electricity, gas and water

Ensure the appropriate meter readings are taken and that disconnections and re-connections are made at the right time.


Arrange for your account to be rendered on moving day and organise the relevant connections with the local telephone companies.

Post Office

To redirect your mail you should contact the Royal Mail at least one week before moving. TV licences should also be amended, as should pension books, if necessary.

Property Tax

Notify local authorities with regard to your property tax.


Return all relevant books and cards.


Advise all relevant authorities about your change of address.


Your doctor, dentist, the DSS and possibly private health companies and hospital clinics all need to know you are moving.


Don’t forget your contents and motor insurance.


Notify the DVLA, as well as any relevant motoring organisations.

Income tax

Inform your Inland Revenue Department.


Advise your bank and/or your building society and amend your standing orders and direct debits. Don’t forget to notify the relevant companies, too.


Ensure you advise your new address in writing.

Credit cards

Fill in the change of address section when making your next payment. Remember HP companies, Premium Bonds, shares and football pools, as well.


You should advise all relevant organisations, publishers and mail order companies.

Friends and family

Don’t forget to tell them!

Before you move

Disconnect your appliances

Our staff are not authorised to disconnect such items as cookers and washing machines unless special arrangements are made with our estimator. We therefore recommend that you organise this with a plumber and the appropriate Gas and Electricity Board.

Heavy items

Secure the drum of your washing machine. Freezers need not be defrosted unless going into storage but it will be very useful if you could place all your frozen food into strong polythene bags which can be quickly removed and replaced when carrying the freezer.


Please ensure you remove all fixtures and fittings that you intend to take with you.


You should normally clear out the loft yourself, unless otherwise previously arranged.


All garden and garage tools should be prepared in such a way that they can be easily and quickly carried to the van.


Please let us know if any plants are to be moved. In this case they should be made secure and watertight. Swings and climbing frames should be dismantled in advance with all relevant bolts safely retained.

On the day


We protect all your furniture where necessary.


Hanging garments can be packed into wardrobe cartons which we can supply to keep your clothes clean and crease-free. Likewise, other clothing and non-breakable objects can be left in drawers.


If possible, release the edges. We’ll roll them up at the appropriate time.

Pets and children

As they say in the film industry, never work with animals or children! Younger children are best left with a neighbour or friend until it is time to go. Pets, cannot travel in our lorries and vans due to hygene and health and safety.

Final Checks


Make sure water and electricity supplies are turned off.

Doors and windows

Check that everything is locked and secure.

Personal items

Take all your important personal items with you.


Hand over your house keys to the new owner, estate agent or solicitor etc.


The above list may not be complete in your case. What about telling any local clubs, for example?